Andrea D’Arrigo.

MILAN, Italy—Luxury eyewear brand Movitra has announced the appointment of Andrea D’Arrigo as global sales director, representing an important step for the Milan-based eyewear company in the expansion of the brand, according to the company. In 2008, D’Arrigo, who is based in Florida, started his journey in Barcelona with Cutler and Gross, overseeing sales in Spain and Portugal. One year later, he opened his own company, 1 Alternativa, managing distribution for brands such as Dita, Italia Independent, Thom Browne and Thierry Lasry.

D'Arrigo moved to the U.S. in 2012, where he launched an expansion of the Thierry Lasry collections before being offered the position of U.S. sales director for Dita and Thom Browne less than a year later. Five years later, he started the business for Jacques Marie Mage across the midwest U.S., Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico. In 2020, D’Arrigo joined Akoni Group to develop and build the U.S. sales team.

“We are thrilled to announce D’Arrigo’s partnership at Movitra as global sales director,” said Filippo Pagliacc, co-founder, Movitra. “2023 was an exceedingly important, fast-paced year for the brand and our progress in terms of opening new markets. Moving forward, Andrea’s expertise and leadership in the U.S. and key markets in Europe will enable us to develop new overseas relationships and grow our presence at a global level, marking a crucial evolutionary stage for the expansion of the brand.”