Review of Optometric Business: Getting Patients to Talk About Their Eye Health Experience


Eyecare practitioners are trained to make evidence-based decisions about how to treat patients, according to Monica Johnsonbaugh, OD. Yet some of that evidence can be hard to get. A survey done by Bausch + Lomb and Kadence International highlights the degree to which patients withhold some important details about their eye health. Among patients who reported occasional episodes of blurry, changing or fluctuating vision, 62 percent said they didn’t tell their ECP, according to the survey. The numbers are even higher for patients with occasional tired eyes or eye strain — 74 percent of those patients in the survey said nothing to their ECP. One reason patients might be tight-lipped is that they sometimes blame themselves. Patients cite reasons such as spending too much time at a brightly lit computer screen or just having sensitive eyes. Learn more about opening up the lines of communication with patients in this feature from Review of Optometric Business. Read More.