BLOOMINGTON, Ill.—No matter how you feel about the sometimes-controversial holiday, there’s no denying that Valentine’s Day brings a special feeling along with it each and every year. Whether you’re coupled up or practicing self-love, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to spend a little more time thinking about the people and places you love, and to celebrate them in whatever way feels best for you.

In Bloomington, Illinois, independent eyewear shop Specs Around Town is celebrating Valentine’s Day by showing the love for their customers—and their frames. On Instagram, the Specs Around Town team debuted a series called Love is in the Pair, which spotlights the shop’s customers, their other half, and, of course, their frames.

Julie Kubsch, owner and optician at Specs Around Town, told VM, that, because Specs Around Town has many clients who are couples, she and her team had the idea to call around and invite couples to take photos of themselves. She explained, “Since 1998 we’ve had great clients of course. I called and invited [them] to take of photo of themselves—a pair in their pairs of specs from Specs Around Town. We’ve also taken some in the shop.” The team also encouraged anyone online to “share their pairs in a photo with their fav person” by using the hashtag #loveisinthepair.

The result is a celebration of love—love for one another, and love for amazing eyewear—all over social media. This weekend, take a look at some of the sweet couples and amazing eyewear in the #loveisinthepair hashtag—and maybe find some inspiration for your own Valentine’s Day plans, or, of course, your next pair of glasses.

The first image in the hashtag encouraged others to share their love in the hashtag. Image via specsaroundtown on Instagram.

Even clients from far away joined in on the love. On day 5, Megan and Matt from Rochester, Minnesota showed off their glasses and their love for the Specs Around Town team. Image via specsaroundtown.

Clients Ruben and Don took Love is in the Pair to the next level—not only are the two a pair themselves, but they also both ended up leaving Specs Around Town with two pairs of specs each. Image via specsaroundtown on Instagram.

What’s better than a pair? A trio, of course. On day six, a Saint Louis-based couple took part in the challenge with their son. Image via specsaroundtown on Instagram. 

Pairs of siblings got on board, too. Siblings Mara and Nolen fell in love with JF Rey frames on their trip into the shop. Image via specsaroundtown on Instagram.

Art-lovers Stacey and Hilary are longtime Specs Around Town customers—and show off their love for art in their frame choices. Image via specsaroundtown on Instagram. 

Matt and Amy are bright and picture perfect in their pairs. Image via specsaroundtown on Instagram.

The Specs Around Town team also set up a window display to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Kubsch told VM that she had the window display up last year, too, but didn’t get the chance to rollout a full social media campaign the way she did this year. Image courtesy of Specs Around Town.