NEW YORK—Classic Specs, a New York-based eyewear provider, has teamed up with influential names in the art community to design a new collection of frames. The glasses and sunglasses in The Artist Collaboration Series feature each artist’s creation on the inside of the frame.

Classic Specs, which was started in 2010 at the Brooklyn Flea and founded in Williamsburg, N.Y., will showcase designs from French graphic designer, Jean Jullien; Philadelphia-based illustrator, Tim Lahan and Italian artist and lead graphic designer at Anthropology, Margherita Urbani for this collaboration.

Jullien’s Serpentine frames were inspired by the French saying, “serpent à lunettes” meaning “snake with glasses.” The “Venom” optical and sun frames (middle) include an orange snake along the inner temple. Lahan created clear metal and acetate “Three-Way” frames (left) that deconstruct the innards of the glasses. Urbani created a collection of “Cityscape” frames (right) which feature illustrations of an urban landscape.

“Overall, my illustration work is very colorful. Typography is very important, and I often end up doing something bold,” Urbani said.

The Artist Collaboration Series frames are available at Brooklyn Denim in New York, Azalea in San Francisco, Junk Food Clothing in Los Angeles and online at