Joseph Tallier, founder and CEO, Denon Eyewear.
NEW YORK—Denon Eyewear is a new company launching a range of  optical frames and sunglasses for men and women that emphasize "time-honored frames with a modern twist." Denon is founded by longtime eyewear executive, Joseph Tallier, CEO. who is working on it with his two children, Sophie and Julian. "We are presenting an innovative perspective in an established  industry," Tallier told VMAIL. "The aesthetic is sophisticatedly simple. By combining experience and creativity, Denon Eyewear is authenticating its presence in the market and is a true breath of fresh air."

Tallier added, "Denon is doing old things in new ways and new things in new ways. We believe our strength is identifying where the market is going and what ECPs need to be successful in an ever changing landscape.”

Tallier has worked in the eyewear industry for 30 years, sold products in over 40 countries and has developed numerous brands during his professional career. With his family, the team is committed, he said, to establishing a fair, sustainable brand known for quality and style at an affordable price. "We have a company mission of 'everybody wins,' including manufacturing partners, employees and especially eyecare professionals and their end consumers."

He noted, "We are transparent in all our practices and partnerships. Our frames are sourced from China, however, our materials are from Italy, Germany and in some cases, Japan." As of today, Denon has 34 optical styles and 10 sunglass styles, a mixture of acetate, stainless steel and titanium. "Denon's core collection consists of timeless classes with a modern twist, delivered at a straightforward, fair price. We wanted to give refreshing departures from complicated pricing structures of the past," Tallier said.

The line is available immediately through a national sales force or by contacting Denon directly using, the website or any social media channels. Optical frames are not sold directly to consumers, they can only buy sunglasses online for marketing and brand building purposes, Tallier noted.

The company, which "soft launched" in March of this year, is going to expand internationally and is currently being sold in Austria, New Zealand, Serbia and is launching in Switzerland in January, Tallier noted.