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WHO: Writers, printed documents, editors, a horizontal line also called an underscore.

WHAT: A partially rimless style that features the rim at the bottom of the frame front with the top of the style remaining rimless or one that shows off the rim’s construction in an unconventional manner.

WEAR: (Top to Bottom) From Marchon’s DKNY collection, optical style DK1000 exudes a classic, sleek rendition of the semi-rimless construction. This frame shows off a partial metal rim on the bottom of the lens with an unexpected twist as the rim is faceted onto the backside of the frame instead of the front. From Luxottica’s Vogue Eyewear collection, sunglass style VO 4118, shows off a fun, glamorous appeal with its orange-hued tinted lens with a metal filigree design showcased on the backside of the lens adding a glitzy rim. The Courreges style CL 1909 from Kering Eyewear is a bold, edgy model with its futuristic meets fashion appearance. This style showcases an oversized shield silhouette with a thick acetate rim around the bottom and sides of the frame coupled with an exposed flat, rimless edge across the top for a daring statement piece.

WHY: While semi-rimless looks aren’t always for everyone, these styles that showcase the reverse of the traditional semi-rimless construction add an unexpected, fashion-forward twist. These underlined styles show off an extra edge, drawing the eye to its unconventional appeal.