By Marge Axelrad: Editorial Director

SHARON, Pa..—Eyes of Faith Optical, which has been donating a portion of its gross sales to faith-based charities since the eyewear company’s founding in 2008, has recently developed a broader “Wear & Share” Program.

“We’re a hope-inspired eyewear company,” said Jim Schneider, Eyes of Faith founder and CEO. “And we believe hope isn’t something we keep to ourselves. We want to change lives and this program, which is highlighted on our new website, allows us to share hope with people in some of the most hopeless places on the planet, and share more effectively the difference wearers of Eyes of Faith make with their purchase. Wear & Share now makes it abundantly clear to the Eyes of Faith customer that what they’re buying for themselves is the same gift they give to someone who cannot afford to correct their own sight.”

 Vision Source’s founder/CEO, Glenn Ellisor, OD, also a board member of Sight Ministries, provided eyecare services on the recent mission in Kenya.
Eyes of Faith’s growing partnership with Sight Ministries is making the new Wear & Share program possible (the phrase is trademarked), which allows the donation of a complete pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses to someone in need around the world with every Eyes of Faith purchase.

“This new initiative means every purchase of Eyes of Faith frames is a life-changing experience for someone, somewhere,” said Scott Settegast, director of Sight Ministries, who recently returned from Kenya with Schneider, where Eyes of Faith partnered with Sight Ministries to provide eye exams and corrective lenses for more than one thousand residents of remote villages.

Eyes of Faith recently expanded their reach with the 2011 release of VeggieTales Eyewear for Children and a licensing agreement with Not of This World Clothing and Accessories, one of the most recognized Christian brands worldwide. The launch of the new website, provides an even more effective way for wearers and optical partners to connect with Eyes of Faith for updates on how they are making a difference through the Wear & Share program, the company said.

 Eyes of Faith’s CEO Jim Schneider assists on the recent Kenya mission. Eye exams and eyewear were provided for younger residents of remote villages during the 10-day trip. 
During the October 10-day Kenya trip with Sight Ministries, eye exams were provided for residents, virtually all of whom would otherwise have no access to eyecare. In many cases, a pair of glasses was made on the spot. If the prescription was unable to be filled on site, the glasses were later shipped through the generosity of Vision Source.

“Like Eyes of Faith, we exist to serve God and to provide vision and hope to people who need it most,” said Glenn Ellisor, OD, Sight Ministries board member, and founder and CEO of Vision Source. “Our respective missions are strengthened by our partnership and when we can work together like this, it means we have the opportunity to touch more lives in more places.”

Sight Ministries ( partners with missionaries and indigenous pastors to conduct multiple eye clinics in local communities worldwide. At the clinics, they conduct eye exams and provide prescription glasses, reading glasses and sunglasses at little or no cost to recipients.

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