CHARENTON-LE-PONT, France—EssilorLuxottica has announced it is "making an important step in the digitization of the eyecare industry" with the launch of HELIX, a new division of the company focused on helping ECPs leverage modern technology to improve the efficiency of their practices. Described by the company as a "digital ecosystem," HELIX will serve all of the ECP’s digital needs in one intelligent, interconnected platform—from booking and ordering to teleoptometry and managed vision care. The company stated that HELIX will help doctors to reduce the overwhelming amount of tech and administrative burdens found in today’s practices.

The launch of HELIX is part of EssilorLuxottica’s strategy to offer a broad portfolio of products and services to further improve the eyecare experience for patients and help doctors run their practice more effectively. HELIX solutions will be available to all ECPs in North America who are interested in leveraging the opportunities made available by modern technology.
This new division will harness the power of EssilorLuxottica’s U.S. digital solutions including VisionWeb, Uprise, CLX, 4PatientCare, Revenue Cycle Management and other EssilorLuxottica U.S. digital solutions, the company said,  upgrading a historically fragmented approach with a more unified, data-driven modern one. ECPs can soon benefit from having one intuitive user interface where they can navigate back and forth between tools seamlessly throughout their day.

This ease of use, eventually complemented by one customer care team, will unburden ECPs so they can focus on their patients and what’s important to them, the announcement said.
“There is a staggering amount of new practice technology available today, which is incredible for the eyecare industry, but also really time-consuming for ECPs who are juggling multiple platforms, systems, invoices and service reps. With HELIX, we will completely reimagine the way ECPs can leverage modern technology to run their practices without the headaches we hear about so often," said Fabrizio Uguzzoni, president of Professional Solutions for EssilorLuxottica NA. 

"We already have strong and historically effective digital tools in our portfolio including VisionWeb. When we put them into a single interface where all the tools speak to each other seamlessly, it will be like putting a new engine into your practice. This, in turn, gives ECPs more time to dedicate to their patients,”  Uguzzoni said. 
The first offering from HELIX, a next generation platform called VisionX, will be available to U.S. eyecare professionals beginning in Q2 2024 and the company will offer a demo of it at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas. 

Current customers of Vision Web, Uprise, 4PatientCare, CLX and other EssilorLuxottica U.S. digital solutions will all continue to operate as usual with full support from the company's HELIX team. A company spokesperson told VMAIL, "Current customers of VisionWeb, Uprise, 4 PatientCare, CLX and other EssilorLuxottica digital solutions will have the option to stick with their current solution, opt into other HELIX offerings that suit their needs or opt into the complete VisionX suite in the future. This will be an open platform where any combination of solutions can coexist."

Customers can find more information on HELIX and VisionX here.