Product: Visgard Ultra
Top Line: FSI Coating Technologies (FSICT) is launching the PFAS-free anti-fog coating, Visgard Ultra. The Ultra coating platform is designed to enhance the surface feel and aesthetics of safety eyewear and ophthalmic lenses, according to FSI.
Close Up: Visgard Ultra ensures consistent, long-term adhesion under extreme temperature and high humidity conditions by preventing fogging even after repeated cleaning. It’s optically clear, high-quality anti-fog coating streamlines manufacturing processes, increasing yields while reducing operating costs, FSI said.
Vital Statistics: This transparent coating offers excellent permanent anti-fog performance, a smooth and easy clean surface combined with highly durable abrasion resistance, according to FSI. It also complies with EN166:2001 for UV resistance and is compatible with mirror coatings. Versatile product applications include motorcycle visors, face shields, protective goggles, Rx, medical, safety, sports, and sunglass eyewear. Utilizing FSICT’s patented technology, this game-changing coating provides a slick surface feel on coated eyewear, unmatched by any other products in the market. It is suitable for dip and flow coat application methods, ensuring primer-free adhesion to polycarbonate substrates. “FSICT is dedicated to the continuous development of innovative coatings that improve our customer’s products. Visgard Ultra is PFAS free and environmentally sustainable, setting a new standard by also offering a sleek and smooth coated surface combined with permanent water-washable anti-fog coating performance,” said Richard Chang, president and CEO of parent company SDC Technologies, Inc. “Additionally, it’s compatible with LPDE, HDPE, polypropylene plastic bag packaging, so eyewear is mark-free even under high humidity conditions. Visgard coatings deliver dramatic improvements in anti-fog performance, cosmetic appearance, and overall value over existing products available in the market today.”