NEW YORK—Warby Parker today is significantly expanding its telehealth services by introducing Virtual Vision Test, a new and updated app that allows users to update both eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions. It is a one-stop solution for renewing an eyeglass or contact lens Rx using only an iPhone from anywhere, anytime. The test, which will cost $15, launches to the public today. The test in the app is a new iteration of the Prescription Check app that Warby introduced in 2017. The company noted that the new Virtual Vision Test app is powered by a proprietary distance estimation algorithm that its in-house team developed using Apple’s Vision Framework. It has developed a suite of algorithms that allows the tool to measure the actual distance from the user to the device, rather than relying on the user to manually adjust and measure themselves (which leaves more room for human error). David Gilboa, co-CEO of Warby Parker, told VMail, "We’re always taking in customer feedback and insights to find ways to make shopping for glasses and contacts a more enjoyable and seamless experience. Over the past several years–and especially the past year and a half–we’ve seen a definite increase in demand for telehealth. While the app is not a comprehensive eye exam and is meant to complement regular visits to an eyecare professional, Virtual Vision Test was a natural progression of our existing services and our mission to make access to holistic vision care more accessible, affordable, and convenient."

Gilboa also noted, "We first launched our Prescription Check app in 2017 as part of our mission to make vision care more accessible and affordable to all. The app was the first of its kind and allowed eligible users to take a vision test from home and receive a renewed prescription once results were reviewed by a doctor. Now, we’re expanding this service to include contact lens prescriptions with our new Virtual Vision Test app. We’re thrilled to introduce this update and provide an even more simple and convenient way for our customers to renew their prescriptions using only an iPhone."

The Virtual Vision Test is described to patients on the Warby Parker site here. The company also developed a short video illustrating how it works. (see video posted below) 

Warby Parker stated, "Virtual Vision Test by Warby Parker is an update (a big update!) to our telehealth prescription renewal app, previously called Prescription Check. We’ve reimagined the whole app, making it significantly easier and faster for users on every front. The company noted, that no computer, credit card, or ruler is necessary.

The company recommends the Virtual Vision Test for anyone who: 

  • is 18–65 years old
  • has no eye health concerns
  • has a single-vision distance prescription
  • and sees well with their current glasses or contacts
The company also explains to consumers, "Within two days, an eye doctor reviews your results in detail. If they determine that you’re seeing well with your current glasses or contacts, they’ll write you a renewed prescription, and you’ll be notified by email right away." If the quiz determines that a person is not eligible to use the app, people will receive a recommendation for a comprehensive eye health exam.

Warby Parker explains its new Virtual Vision Test  is part of a group of services and tools that includes their previously introduced Virtual Try On, Digital PD Tool and other services.

As VMail reported, Warby Parker's Prescription Check debuted in May 2017. Subsequent details about that program explained more about how that original app worked.