Product: PTS 925 Automated Compact Perimeter and PTS 2000 Automated Projection Perimeter
Top Line: Essilor Instruments USA has launched the PTS automated perimeter series, including the PTS 2000 Automated Projection Perimeter and PTS 925 Compact Automated Perimeter.
Close Up: The PTS automated perimeter series are modern diagnostic instruments for precise and fast testing of visual fields. Besides standard perimetry testing techniques, they implement the latest visual field testing approaches to save time and deliver cutting-edge precision and reliability. Intuitive software operated on a unique mini-PC, with powerful networking and EMR integration and maintenance-free and reliable hardware, create the state-of-the-art tools for visual field testing. 
“The visual field testing technologies behind the PTS perimeter series were developed by Optopol Technologies in Europe and mark the latest generation of perimeters with almost 10,000 units in use all over the world. We are pleased to make the PTS 925 and PTS 2000 perimeters available in the United States as new additions to the Essilor Instruments product line. Eyecare professionals will find them to be innovative, durable, and cost-effective options for their practices,” said Jean-Christophe Paris, senior vice president, Essilor Instruments Americas and Rick Gadd, president, EssilorLuxottica Canada and Essilor Instruments North America.
Vital Stats:
• Complete set of standard perimetry tests plus all of the latest visual field testing approaches
• Self-adjusting light and not impacted by ambient light
• Intuitive software and powerful networking and EMR integration
• Maintenance-free and reliable hardware
• Saving time and delivering cutting-edge precision and reliability