Product: Vision-S 700 refraction station
Top Line: Essilor Instruments is launching the Vision-S 700 refraction station, which offers a high degree of accuracy with rapid three-minute refractions and concentrates a “complete refraction experience into an immersive station, while offering patients a totally new sense of involvement,” according to the company.
Close Up: Consisting of a stand-alone, ultra-compact tabletop subjective refraction unit, the Vision-S 700 refraction station incorporates the patented Digital Infinite Refraction method and exclusive liquid lens module. On top of its space-saving feature, the Essilor-exclusive immersive imaging technology places the patient in a life-like image and simulates real-life conditions. Vision-S 700 gives the patient a unique refraction experience that can potentially drive traffic, differentiate the practice, facilitate the discussions about complimentary pairs with patients, and transform the overall business potential.
Vital Stats: In addition, the unique features of Vision-S 700 can potentially serve as the ultimate platform for teleoptometry. The optometrist does not need to be in close proximity to the patient to adjust the monocular pupillary distance or vertex distance, and the patient position is easily monitored. The automated Smart programs and algorithms guide the practitioner from start to finish offering efficiency. The silent and smooth lens changes, ability to incorporate a patient response of “I don’t know/they appear equal,” and simulated comparisons can enhance patient comfort and confidence in the prescription. Vision-S 700 will be able to allow optometrists to continue to expand safe and efficient services started with COVID, and continue with the convenience and efficiency their patients are asking for, while offering expansion opportunities for the practice without new brick and mortar encumbrances, Essilor Instruments said.
“We are excited to introduce the revolutionary patented Vision-S 700 refraction station as a new addition to the innovative ophthalmic product line of Essilor Instruments. Vision-S 700 was developed through years of research, and is manufactured exclusively by Essilor Instruments. The immersive experience of Vision-S 700 makes it a game changer for patients, giving eyecare professionals the potential to increase refraction capacity dramatically and boost practice growth without having to remodel the practice,” said Jean-Christophe Paris, senior vice president, Essilor Instruments Americas.