PITTSBURGH—Three Rivers Optical, a nationwide independent lab with one of the largest private brand portfolios, and a leader in advanced optical solutions, is significantly expanding its operations. The wholesaler, based here, installed a new production line last month that doubled its production capacity. Combined with rapid turnaround times of less than three days, Three Rivers will be able to produce and distribute more lenses in less time without compromising on quality, the company said in a joint statement with IDOC, the alliance of independent optometrists with which the lab is affiliated.

In January, Vision Monday reported that IDOC and Three Rivers Optical had partnered “to bring an unmatched suite of practice enhancement and lab services to eyecare professionals.”

“We are thrilled to see Three Rivers Optical continue to grow and expand the opportunity to delight more customers with our quality, service, and industry-leading turnaround times. Our ability to stay at the forefront of marketplace trends and new technologies makes us confident that the future of IDOC and Three Rivers Optical is very bright,” said Oliver Spandow, IDOC, CFO and COO.

In addition to the lab expansion, Three Rivers Optical will now be offering in-house manufacturing of the full suite of Kodak products as well as Shamir’s Glacier Plus AR coating, alongside their private label brand, SEEMORE.

“Bringing Kodak and Glacier Plus in-house is an important part of our strategic vision to bring the best offerings possible to our customers and better support independents,” said Steve Seibert, managing partner at Three Rivers Optical. “We pride ourselves on industry-leading turnaround times, and the new line expansion and the ability to make more lenses will only improve that.”

Three Rivers Optical opened in 1969 offering a range of optical lab solutions. IDOC has been offering practice management tools, advice and support systems for 22 years.