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NEW YORK—We hear the term “above and beyond” being bandied about a lot these days, especially in light of the pandemic as it pertains to frontline health care “warriors” and essential workers who take care of the everyday tasks to keep the world humming.

But there’s another definition of going above and beyond and it has to do with much more than showing up for work every day. It’s about giving 110% to the job, mentoring colleagues and those just starting out, and finding ways to be innovative and pivot at a moment’s notice, all in the name of eyecare and eyewear, and everything in between.

Coincidentally, VM added a new category to this year’s Report called Above & Beyond, honoring women who have led the way in giving back to the industry, their patients and their communities.

VM’s Most Influential Women in Optical Report is marking its 18th year. The VM editors had more than 200 nominees to choose from and we selected 51 very well deserving women. This year’s group of influential women is made up of executives, sales and marketing professionals, ECPs, administrators, researchers and teachers.

In our book, they are all indeed #Luminaries and in this Special Report we shine a spotlight on their achievements and celebrate their talent, character and love of all things optical.

—The Editors