The release this week of Vision Monday's 2022 Most Influential Women in Optical Special Report, our 20th annual installment of this Special Report, is cause for celebration as well as reflection. For many, 2022 has been a year of change, adaptation and newness. We have clung to hope for the past two years—waiting for things to go “back to normal,” like COVID-19 never happened. As we continue to live through this pandemic, it’s become clear that normal is something that will continue to change throughout our lives—something that we will be adapting to every day, week, month and year. Women, of course, have been adapting to change throughout history.
They’ve been at the forefront of it—driving change at home, at work and in society as a whole, and this year is no different. The women we’ve profiled in our 2022 Most Influential Women in Optical report have adapted to an ever-changing world and made it their own, finding their stride and creating a better world every day. In this year’s special report, we have profiled business owners, mentors, young women and more who have taken a year of change as a year of opportunity.
This year marks VM’s 20th annual Most Influential Women in Optical report. Over the past two decades, we’ve met and profiled hundreds of women who have changed the face of optical for the better—this feature will honor these past nominees, too, with a trivia quiz and special quotes from women who’ve been featured in years past. Click here to read Femme-tatsic!—VM’s 20-Year Celebration of Women Who Shape the Optical Industry.