CHICAGO—2020 On-site, a company which specializes in bringing state-of-the-art mobile vision centers on-site to businesses, announced that it has expanded to Chicago, enabling employees to get a comprehensive eye exam at their place of work in 15 minutes.

2020 On-site is headquartered in Boston, where it serves 300+ corporate clients including Wayfair, Microsoft, Ocean Spray, Pfizer and Uber. In Chicago, 2020 On-site is already working with nearly 20 businesses that took advantage of a beta program, including Elgin Sweeper, YMCA of Metro Chicago, GoHealth, Hydraforce, Griffith Foods, Freeborn & Peters and Flexera Software.

The company noted that vision is an essential element of health that many Americans forgo, adding that only 50 percent of Americans have had an eye exam in the past 12 months. While some very large companies have tried to address this issue by building health clinics at their locations, that is not an option for most organizations, its statement said. 2020 On-site makes high-end vision care accessible to employees of companies as small as 50 employees by bringing the equipment and optometrist directly to their office.

Howard Bornstein founded 2020 On-site after experiencing his own frustration in obtaining an eye exam several years ago. "It was hard to find time during the busy work week to get an exam, and when I did, there was a lot of waiting around. It was also very expensive, and I had to go in person multiple times for the exam and then to pick up my glasses—there was just a lot of friction," recalled Bornstein.

"I thought, 'There has to be a better way to do this.' So we transformed an RV to a high-end optometrist's office, equipped it with state-of-the-art digital optometry equipment, and now we bring the eye doctor to your office."

Appointments are booked online. 2020 On-site offers a full selection of glasses and contact lenses on the truck, and orders are shipped to the patient's home. The process is completely paperless.

Bornstein said 2020 On-site decided to expand to Chicago primarily due to the density of mid to large businesses based there. "There are a large number of businesses with 200 to 2,000 employees in Chicago, and that tends to be our sweet spot," said Bornstein. "Chicagoans also tend to have very long commutes, which makes it hard for them to get to the eye doctor, making 2020 On-site a really convenient option." The city also offers a friendly regulatory environment with respect to mobile businesses.

2020 On-site's local office is located at 222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza #1230, Chicago, IL 60654. The company already employs a full medical team in Chicago, with more hires to come.

2020 is bringing state-of-the-art mobile vision centers to businesses and schools and is continuing to expand across the country. In July, as VMail reported, the two-year-old company said it had raised a total of $7.9 million in total funding from a group of prominent investors.