NEW YORK—Summer means celebrating some of the year’s best holidays: Memorial Day, The Fourth of July, and, for those of us in the know, National Sunglasses Day.

Headed up by The Vision Council, National Sunglasses Day is celebrated every year on June 27. On that day, The Vision Council encourages everyone who wants to celebrate to post a #SunglassesSelfie on social media, but the holiday is about so much more than a fun selfie—it’s a day dedicated to education. For The Vision Council, June 27 is intended to serve as a reminder that sunglasses are a health necessity—all the time.

Although it might seem obvious to people in the business, much of the general public is unaware of how vital UV protection is to eye health, and just how important sunglasses are. The Vision Council reports that 27 percent of American adults say they don’t typically wear sunglasses when they are outside.

Luckily, The Vision Council has made it easy for everyone to get involved with National Sunglasses Day this June. This is a holiday which thrives on social media—in 2018, according to The Vision Council, National Sunglasses Day resulted in more than 1 billion impressions online, on social media, and in broadcast media. It was a Twitter trending topic, and found coverage on,,, and more.

Celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Kathy Lee Gifford and Luke Bryan posted about National Sunglasses Day on their social media accounts, and The Today Show, KTLA, and Daytime, among others, broadcast segments about the holiday. All those big names are an amazing help when it comes to getting out the message, but you don’t need to have a million followers to do your part.

By visiting, ECPs and optical shop owners can find free National Sunglasses Day marketing materials, including social media templates, web banners, logos, printable posters and display ideas. These educational materials encourage us not just to rock our sunglasses on June 27, but to rock them every single day, and to understand why that is so important.

With just a few weeks to go before our very own holiday, there’s no better time to start preparing for National Sunglasses Day. This year, we can use June 27 to celebrate feeling good, looking good and educating for the greater good.