BOERNE, Texas—Two years ago, Eyes on Main in Boerne, Texas, became one of the first Zeiss customers in the U.S. to get a Visufit 1000, the company’s advanced measuring and dispensing system. Although the technology was new to Eyes on Main, practice owner Loren Rodgers, OD, an ocular disease, vision rehabilitation low vision specialist, was confident she had made a good investment. “We were utilizing the Zeiss iTerminal Mobile, which is another outstanding measuring device, but after previewing the Visufit 1000 we knew it would be a wonderful asset to the practice.”

A digital platform that combines 3D centration with virtual frame try-on, the Visufit 1000 is designed for ease of use with a computer or an iPad 6. Patient measurement is performed without the need of a clip-frame. 3D centration is achieved with nine mutually calibrated cameras that capture a 180-degree view of the patient’s face in a single shot without the need of a clip frame. The measurement data are processed using 45 million reference points, ensuring extremely precise capture of measurement data for the frame, the eye, the pupil and the cornea, a feature Dr. Rodgers especially values.

“With today’s staff turnover, the Visufit 1000 produces a more accurate measurement with very little training time and staff time in taking the measurements,” she said. “The Visufit 1000 has some very sensitive colored-light indicators that ensure the patient is in the correct location and in their most natural position. The program also allows the optician to see if the patient is lining up correctly with the additional markings in the program.”

The Visufit 1000 can determine back vertex distance for both right and left sides. A 3D digital reconstruction of the face can be created and enables the back vertex distance to be captured, even with frames featuring very thick temples. These personalized measurements ensure that patients at Eyes on Main get a perfect fit.

“After the measurements are taken, the Visufit 1000 allows me and our optical manager to review each and every measurement before it is submitted to the lab,” explained Dr. Rodgers. “The system helps us with dispensing the eyewear and troubleshooting any issues. If the patient is not wearing the glasses the same way they were during the measurements, we are able to see the difference and readjust the eyewear to be worn the way they were at the time of measurements.”

Because the Visufit 1000 can provide such precise, personalized measurements, Eyes on Main lab redo orders are below average. “We provide the patients with Zeiss Smartlife Individual and Zeiss Smartlife Superb progressive lenses,” said Dr. Rodgers.

“These lenses are fully customizable with the Zeiss lab when the correct measurements are given. The Visufit 1000 gives us all the measurements the lab needs to fully customize the lenses. The lab does not have to use the default measurements. Furthermore, Zeiss has a feature called “frame fit” which assures the measurements are further customized to the fit of the frame. This additional measurement is provided with the Visufit 1000.”

A virtual try-on module allows patients to explore catalogues of virtual frames. The system can create a 3D patient avatar for trying out frames, allowing them to try on and compare frames in-store or use their digital twin to try on frames from an online catalogue. The virtual try-on module uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to learn from patient interactions. It analyses face shape, skin, eye and hair color to help dispensers suggest frames which best suit their patient.

“The system assists us with helping the patient in selecting the perfect eyewear,” Dr. Rodgers said. “When the patient is undecided with which eyewear they prefer, we use the frame selection feature which allows the patient to see themselves in 3D form and compare multiple pairs of eyewear side by side.

“This feature always helps the patient in making a decision on which eyewear they prefer. After the patient makes their selection, we do not have to retake the photo for the measurement. We are capable of utilizing that photo which has captured the measurements.”

Eyes on Main patients have become fans of the Visufit 1000 and the enhanced dispensing and fitting experience it offers them. “Even without any experience in optics, they can see the accuracy of the Visufit 1000,” said Dr. Rodgers. “The comments we hear the most are ‘we have never experienced measurements like this.’ They’re excited about their new eyewear.”