ALEXANDRIA, Va.—The Vision Council is introducing PolicyWatch, a regulatory monitoring service for the optical industry, tailored to provide easier access and understanding of the industry’s evolving legislative landscape. PolicyWatch will monitor legislation specific to teleoptometry, a rapidly expanding optical industry sector. Standing as a centralized resource, PolicyWatch offers real-time updates on teleoptometry laws, regulations, and legislation across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This solution addresses the challenge of sourcing information about remote eyecare regulations from various platforms, providing a single point of reference for optometry service providers, practices and telemedicine solution companies.

Michael Vitale, ABOM, and VP of membership, government relations and technical standards at The Vision Council, said, “As teleoptometry continues to play an increasingly vital role in health care delivery, it’s imperative for practitioners and stakeholders to stay abreast of the dynamic regulatory environment. Understanding state regulations for remote eye exams is not only crucial for compliance but also for ensuring that patients receive the highest quality of care regardless of their location. PolicyWatch empowers members of industry to navigate this complex landscape with confidence, ultimately benefiting both practitioners and patients alike.”

Key features of PolicyWatch include:

  • Comprehensive monitoring of teleoptometry regulation and legislation across all 50 states and Washington, D.C., with easy access to information for each state.

  • Detailed state-level insights into professional requirements and scopes of practice for optometrists, as well as reimbursement/payer implications.

  • Timely email alerts for regulatory updates and downloadable summaries for each state.

  • Guidance by experts with deep knowledge of the optical industry and regulatory framework.
With introductory pricing starting at $2,500 (20 percent discount for members of The Vision Council), annual subscriptions are customizable across local, regional and national tiers. Subscriptions are open to all companies and organizations. Interested organizations can schedule a demonstration with the PolicyWatch team here.