(Top to Bottom) Monaco, Ouessant and Ocean.

What’s New: Maison Lafont is debuting three new sun styles made with creative upcycling, a concept developed by designer Thomas Lafont.
What’s Green: Through creative upcycling, Lafont uses materials from their previous collections to create exclusive acetate colors. The brand employs a thermo-fusion process to mix 50 percent vintage colors with 50 percent new biomaterial. All manufacturing processes take place in France.
What to Know: The Spring/Summer 2024 collection debuts three new sunglass designs with two upcycled color options: Monaco, Ouessant and Ocean.
CEO Matthieu Lafont said, “Reducing our environmental impact as a company is a fundamental goal. To make it a reality, we have introduced a step-by-step approach. Considering the company’s everyday activities and the design and production of the collection, we are repurposing, recycling and using bio-acetate or castor oil-injected materials.”