Precision Optical Group, Inc (POG Labs) in Creston, Iowa recently introduced a new and improved work ticket that consolidates needed manufacturing instructions to get orders through the lab fast and simplify the production process for laboratory technicians. As POG’s Alex Tamerius explained, “In the past, work tickets and order paperwork was routinely taken out of the job tray to follow processing instructions, which equated to unneeded loss in production time.”

Tamerius said that POG responded to this issue by consolidating all processing information to one side of the work ticket that can be viewed by technicians as orders pass along the production line. “The immediate challenge was to create a way that anyone at POG could identify production steps for a certain order by simply glancing at the tray and not having to interpret anything,” said Tamerius.

“The answer was color coordinated identifiers that directly correlate to what is required for the order, what the next step of production is, and even if the order needs to be rushed.”

Here’s an example of how POG’s method works (Please refer to the accompanying photos for a breakdown of the color-coding system):

• RED: The order must have back side coating
• PINK: The order is a progressive and must be laser engraved
• BLACK: The order requires anti-reflective coating
• GREEN: This order needs to be rushed
• GOLD PAPER: The customer has requested a one-day guarantee service
• RED TRAY: Breakage order

The single-sided work ticket also includes added information such as: the Rx information, customer and patient name, blocking instructions, special notes, bar codes, and an identifier for if the order is an uncut or full service.

For more information about custom work tickets, contact Alex Tamerius at POG Labs (800) 497-9239 or