NEW YORK—Total Retail has released their guide, “Marketing to Millennials: Engaging a Generation of Visual Buyers,” which will help your practice in engaging those ever elusive Millennials. We all know how tech savvy and diverse the Millennial generation is, so it’s understandable that a one-size-fits all marketing strategy just won’t cut it.

In this guide, you will learn how to stand out by producing material that specifically targets both the current and future experiences of Millennials. Some of the concepts highlighted in the guide are:

  • The 14 influential Millennial personas, from the “Brogrammer” to the “Millennial Mom.”
  • How to engage each of the 14 Millennial personas through relevant imagery.
  • 5 proven ways to monetize your visual content across multiple marketing channels, from social to your website.

Click here to purchase your copy “Marketing to Millennials: Engaging a Generation of Visual Buyers” from Total Retail.