NEW YORK—While Millennials are often characterized as tech savvy and constantly glued to their phones, there’s a new debate arising that suggests their older counterparts aren’t off the hook when it comes to being connected.

An article on PriceEconomics, “Which Generation is Most Distracted by Their Phones?” compared the two generations.

The article stated, “One survey has found that 50 percent of employees check their company email over the weekend and before or after work. Another found that 40 percent of employees think it’s fine to respond to important work emails during family dinners.” “While social networking may have started as a viral craze for U.S. teenagers, it’s steadily matured into an everyday lifestyle for many adults around the world who are now eclipsing teens and young adults as most-frequent users,” the CEO of Informate has said.

So, while Millennials might be at the forefront of the social craze, they’re not the only ones being enticed by technology. Read the full article here.