SVS Vision uses social media platforms
Facebook and Twitter to promote trunk
shows. The company has also featured
their accounts in new advertisements.
NEW YORK—Today’s optical retailers and ECPs are once again discovering trunk shows as a way to deepen relationships between brands and customers. Business owners say they are focusing on these special events in the hope that by adding awareness to a particular line, they can strengthen visitors’ loyalty to their own bottom line as well as to the eyewear brand.

In this three-part series,
VM spoke with retailers, ECPs and suppliers throughout the U.S., outlining the details of hosting a trunk show and uncovering the impact those shows have on an optical business. Following are profiles of three businesses and their unique experiences hosting trunk shows.

For more information, be sure to read Part One for profiles from our first three retailers and Part Two where suppliers weigh in.

Delia Paunescu, Assistant Editor