As a global supplier of eyewear, Essilor is committed to sustainable development throughout its vast supply chain which includes manufacturing and distribution sites and offices spread throughout the world.

“Our mission and unique principles and values are at the very heart of that commitment,” an Essilor spokesperson told VM. “Providing everyone, everywhere, with access to quality vision care is Essilor’s biggest challenge in terms of sustainable development. With that challenge comes the responsibility to ensure we pay careful consideration to our social, societal and environmental impacts on different stakeholders.”

Essilor voluntarily participates in CDP, an international, independent non-profit organization that assesses companies’ efforts to measure and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and water footprint. The CDP recognized the continuous progress Essilor has been making in these areas, rating Essilor with an A- for both its response to climate change and water management.

Essilor has also been selected by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index among the world’s best performing companies in terms of sustainable development for three consecutive years. Furthermore, Essilor was named among the world’s 100 most innovative companies for eight consecutive years by Forbes Magazine. (The Forbes’ Most Innovative Companies ranking was discontinued in 2019.)

“Whether it is ensuring the well-being and development of our employees, innovating to reduce our environmental footprint or engaging in dialogue with our many stakeholders to uphold ethical business dealings, we fundamentally seek to support the long-term sustainable growth that enables us to fulfill our mission,” the Essilor spokesperson said.