Mastercard is augmenting a suite of services that it provides for small businesses, including new tools to help companies accept payments, obtain financing, protect against cyber crimes and more, the company said. As small businesses work to adapt to an increasingly digital business environment, Mastercard International’s Ginger Siegel, North America Small Business Lead, told CO, the U.S. Dept. of Commerce resource site, “Many small business owners wear multiple hats and lack dedicated personnel in key areas, such as finance, marketing and technology."

In a special interview, Siegel said that Mastercard is seeking to address these issues with a host of services geared toward small businesses, many of which are included in its Mastercard Digital Doors program.

Digital Doors has recently expanded to include more resources, with a new Marketing Hub to help link small businesses with service providers selected to help them meet their particular needs.

CO presents an exclusive interview and video with Siegel that details the services available. You can read more about it here.