WASHINGTON D.C.—Who appeals to lawmakers and legislators about the needs of small independent business? The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) is a trade group with over 325,000 members. It advocates and regularly lobbies state and federal governments on behalf of small independent business, with a website that regularly showcases news and other resources on a range of topics form finance to HR issues and marketing. There are many benefits to having a membership in the NFIB. You can also sign up here for free for the organization’s e-newsletter of small business insights and news.

NFIB provides help with business finance, tapping financial resources, keeping up with hiring issues, HR trends and more. You can also search for information by state or on a national level.

You can enroll to learn more about the issues that could affect your business or local trading area as well. And you can sign up to learn what local lawmakers are considering and how they’ve voted on issues and legislation.