NEW YORK—As many eyecare professionals know, the month of March is "Save Your Vision” month, and the AOA is one of the many eyecare organizations which supports this awareness-building initiative with special themes, social media support, and campaigns to help more patients appreciate the value of getting comprehensive care. This year’s emphasis is on digital eye strain. But did you know that there is another helpful resource online which can help you and your social media team leverage other “awareness” months and days and can help you angle unique Facebook or Instagram posts as well? It’s called AwarenessDays and the website offers a range of content management ideas and toolkits to help you do just that.

These might range from National Nutrition Month to Mustache Month which are both in March.

You can search the calendar by topic (e.g. health, food, animals, education and more). You can also search by country or region. And, you can search today, tomorrow, this week, this month and into the future to see what others might lend themselves to messages you can share with patients and prospects, too.

Each day, week or monthly initiative explains which organizations or groups are supporting it, its origins, goals and suggested ideas for relating these to your business. With signup, you can also locate AwarenessDays resources for content and social media calendars that you can use.

And you can also submit events, days, weeks and annual celebrations on this site, which aims to be a central resource offering a “digital curation of U.K., U.S and International Awareness Days, Weeks, Months and Events.”