NEW YORK—Warm summer weather brings more time spent outdoors, so it makes sense that we celebrate UV Safety Awareness Month in July, at the height of the season. Although many associate UV safety with skin and sunscreen, we also understand how important it is to protect the eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Last month, many ECPs have taken to Instagram to remind their patients just how important this is—and give them tips and tricks to keep their eyes safe in the sunny, summer months. There’s still plenty of time to spread the word—so here’s a look at how some ECPs are using social media for UV Safety Awareness Month.

All month, the team at Metro Optics in New York City has been showcasing the trendiest sunglasses in their shop—a reminder that UV protection is as fashionable as it is necessary. Image via metrooptics on Instagram.

Candria Krywko, OD, who works at Eyes on Hayden in Scottsdale, Arizona, shared a detailed post to help her patients reevaluate their sunwear, from how many pairs they have to what function they serve. Image via dr.krywko on Instagram.

Cindy Lam, OD3 student at Berkeley Optometry, shared a graphic that shows how different tints change the experience of wearing sunglasses, and which situation each is best for. Image via seeforcindy on Instagram.

Ophthalmologist Larry Ferdinand, Jr MD, explained what functions sunglasses should serve in order to provide adequate UV protection. Image via drlarryeyemd on Instagram.

The team at Omega Optical in Philadelphia shared a stunning image to spread important tips about keeping eyes and skin protected from UV rays. Image via omegaoptical on Instagram.

Sirgany Eyecare, in Cortland, New York, added some information about people who may experience an increased risk of eye damage from the sun. Image via sirganyeyecare on Instagram.

The team at Brennan Eye Care in Okeechobee, Florida, shared an easy to understand graphic for their patients to help understand how UV rays can harm the eyes. Image via brennaneyecare on Instagram.