NEW YORK—Over the weekend, many of us bid summer goodbye and welcomed the unofficial start of fall. We still have a few weeks until this year’s autumnal equinox on September 22, but things are changing nonetheless, as homes and stores across the Northern Hemisphere bring out their Halloween décor and autumnal collections. This week, we’re taking a look at some of the colors that we’ll likely be seeing everywhere this fall, from muted, earthy oranges and greens to brighter blues and yellows, all of them coming together to make a gorgeous autumnal palette. Let these colors inspire you for in-office frame displays, window setups, or even a little paint change.

Pantone, the ultimate color authority, is predicting an autumnal color palette filled with earthy greens, blues, yellows and oranges. Image via pantone on Instagram.

In addition to those darker, earthy tones, Pantone is also predicting a soft, muted alternative color palette for this autumn—perfect for chilly, cozy days spent indoors with tea and a book. Image via pantone on Instagram.

The muted, cozy color palette Pantone predicted is already cropping up all over the place, from high fashion runways to every day Target runs, making it accessible everywhere. Image via mauryoctober on Instagram.

These earthy, autumnal tones are obviously inspired by nature and how the leaves change in autumn—making floral arrangements a perfect and easy way to inject some fall colors into your space, from the office front desk to the window display. Image via valeriecanaledesigns on Instagram.

Art is also a great inspiration when it comes to choosing a color palette—and just one new painting or print can make a major difference. This painting from Kristine A. Lombardi combines mustard and maroon to create a gorgeous autumn scene. Image via illustrationlombardi on Instagram.

And if you’re interested in a more permanent or large-scale change (or if you just want it to be fall all year round in the office), new tiling could be the way to go. Here, Fireclay Tile shows off their deep, warm autumnal palette. Image via fireclaytile on Instagram.

Or, welcome the new season with a sweet treat like this cake from Rose Water Baking Co.—this year’s autumnal colors look perfectly appetizing, too. Image via rosewaterbakingco on Instagram.