NEW YORK—One of the most exciting things about running a small business is brainstorming creative ways to bring new customers in. In this day and age it’s more important than ever to attract customers online through social media and reviews, but it remains vital to never forget the power of a show-stopping window display. As they change through the seasons, window displays offer a perfect venue to celebrate a holiday, show off a new collection and set the general tone that customers can expect when they walk into a shop. 

Pulling a customer in with a remarkable display is an art form of its own—and good window displays are worthy of being shown off. On Instagram, ECPs everywhere are using the hashtag #OpticalWindow to show off their window displays. This week, we’re taking a look at some of the posts in this hashtag—feel free to get inspired and add your own over on Instagram.

Valarie Jerome Optometrists in England shared this fun Halloween window set-up at their Newbury location. Image via drvalariejerome on Instagram

In Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Soulliere Optical is celebrating 45 years in business with a special window display painted by local artist Sarah M Robbins. The display is a great way to draw in business, celebrate a major milestone and support other local businesses. Image via soulliereoptical on Instagram

Walker & Campbell Optometrists in Burnham, Buckinghamshire, England, showed off a special Guess display for spring. Image via walkerandcampbelloptometrists on Instagram

In Porto, Portugal, visual merchandizer Joana Mendes shares her work on through_the_glass_montras. Here, she showcases a gorgeous Etnia Barcelona window display, showcasing the brand’s Vintage Collection. Image via through_the_glass_montras on Instagram