NEW YORK—Each year, the team at A Child’s Eyes, a pediatric practice, in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, hosts the Pumpkin Patch Project, a community event to help spread awareness for amblyopia and vision impairment in children. The project involves patching one eye of a jack-o-lantern, and the goal is to designate homes with patched pumpkins as “scary free zones,” where children can trick-or-treat knowing there will be no jump scares. In addition, those taking part in the project can share their patched pumpkins on social media to spread awareness—both about vision impairment in children and the project itself.

ClearVision’s proprietary children’s brand Dilli Dalli partnered with the project this year for its annual FaceBoo contest, encouraging customers to submit their patched and decorated pumpkins for the chance to win a prize.

ECPs can enter, too, by sharing their pumpkin pictures with ClearVision. Each photo will compete in one of three categories—Best Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin, Best Jack-O-Lantern and Most Creative—and one prize will be awarded per category.

ClearVision’s Dilli Dalli shared the first winner of its first FaceBoo contest. Image via dillidallieyewear on Instagram

Of course, Truffles, the resident cat at A Child’s Eyes, is involved with the Pumpkin Patch Project. Image via truffles_the_kitty on Instagram

This year’s first winner is little Rhys, who will receive a patching Rubber Truffles in the mail. Image via Pumpkin Patch Project on Facebook

Evergreen Eye Care in Vancouver, Washington, is taking part too, and using this moment to educate patients on amblyopia. Image via evergreeneyecarewa on Instagram

The Pumpkin Patch Project is taking off internationally, too: Australian eye patch company Kids Eye Gear encouraged customers to get involved. Image via kidseyegear on Instagram

Speckles Kids Sunglasses & Eye Patches is another Australian company who also encouraged customers to get involved with the project. Image via speckleskids on Instagram