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Jobson ECP Coronavirus Surveys

ECPs and Optical Retailers Adjust Costs, Note Supply Chain Issues in Latest Q3 Jobson ECPulse Survey

By Staff
Monday, September 26, 2022 12:24 AM NEW YORK—Even as staffing challenges continue for many ECPs, economic pressures including inflation and business costs as well as ongoing supply chain issues were among the concerns within the second ECPulse Survey conducted in September 2022 by Jobson Optical Research. Some 80 percent of the ECPs surveyed said they noticed that patients are trying to save money due to inflation. Concurrently most noted a change in their traditionally "busy" months in terms of patient traffic.

New Jobson Quarterly ECPulse Survey Monitors Wide Range of Influences on ECPs' Businesses

By Staff
Wednesday, June 29, 2022 12:24 AM NEW YORK—A new ECPulse Survey of eyecare professionals across the country is being started by Jobson Research this month, a new quarterly research series which will monitor a range of factors influencing ECPs' business. The first Q2 2022 ECPulse report, conducted in June 2022, surveyed 403 ECPs. It examines general business trends, practice profitability comparability by month and quarter, a closer look at business trends, such as interest in specialization, the impact of supply chain issues and more.

ECPs Note Persistent Staffing and Some Supply Chain Issues While Sales Are Higher Compared to 2021, Per Jobson's Wave 30 ECP Survey

By Staff
Friday, April 15, 2022 12:24 AM NEW YORK—Lack of staff and staffing challenges continue to plague many eyecare professionals out there, with some 45 percent of respondents in the latest Wave 30 of Jobson Research's ECP Coronavirus Surveys saying that lack of staff is their number one challenge in being able to see more patients due to COVID's impact. That number is lower than the 63 percent of people who said so back in the December wave of the survey but it's still a big issue. Jobson Research's Wave 30 was conducted April 8-12 of this year.

ECPs Still Facing Staffing and Some Supply Chain Challenges, Wave 29 of Jobson's Latest ECP Coronavirus Survey Reports

By Staff
Tuesday, March 15, 2022 12:27 AM NEW YORK—ECP practices and optical retail businesses did experience the waves of the omicron COVID-19 variant which began in the later part of December 2021 and impacted many in the first few months of 2022, as indicated by Wave 29 of the Jobson ECP Coronavirus Survey, conducted by Jobson Research which ran March 4-7. In that period, 80 percent of the respondents said that someone that works at their practice got COVID. And they added that masks are not required by the local government at medical facilities/offices in their area, and that at retail locations, 66 percent reported that local government requirements did not require masks.

Jobson’s Latest Coronavirus Survey Shows Uptick in Key Eyecare Practice Performance Indicators

By Staff
Thursday, January 6, 2022 12:27 AM NEW YORK—The financial outlook for U.S. eyecare practices remained positive as 2021 drew to a close, with the key indicators of eyecare practice performance showing across the board increases over 2020, according to the results of a newly released Jobson Research survey. The survey, Wave 28 of Jobson’s Coronavirus Survey, polled 564 U.S. eyecare practices between December 8-31, 2021. In addition to key performance indicators, respondents were asked about changes in staffing, practice hours, and patient scheduling, as well as their willingness to get vaccinated or attend industry events considering the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. For the first time, respondents were also asked to report on the impact of supply chain disruptions on their practice.

ECPs Are Hopeful About Business This Month, But Staffing Challenges Lead Their Concerns, Per Wave 27 of Jobson Research's Latest ECP Coronavirus Survey

By Staff
Wednesday, October 20, 2021 12:27 AM NEW YORK—Staffing challenges seem to be the biggest concern facing eyecare professionals and optical retailers now, with some 38 percent of those surveyed in late September pointing out that a "lack of staff" is the number one reason they will have trouble serving more patients going forward, more than issues such as a lack of patient traffic or government restrictions on business due to COVID-19. Nevertheless,  62 percent believe that their practice does have the capability to serve more patients now among those taking part in Wave 27 of Jobson Research's latest Coronavirus Survey, which was conducted Sept. 27-30.

ECPs Express Increased Concerns About Patient Traffic, Professional Staffing Issues and More Hesitancy About Travel in Jobson Research Aug. 13-16 ECP Coronavirus Survey

By Staff
Thursday, August 19, 2021 12:30 AM NEW YORK—Increased uncertainty, fueled by a surge of COVID cases across the country due to the Delta variant as well as patient traffic and growing professional staffing concerns, are impacting the current near-term business outlook among those eyecare professionals and optical retailers responding to Wave 26 of the Jobson ECP Coronavirus Survey, conducted from August 13-16, 2021 by Jobson Research.

More Positive Trends Emerge as Eyecare Sector Edges Closer to Pre-Pandemic Levels, Jobson Research’s ECP Survey Finds

By Staff
Tuesday, July 6, 2021 12:24 AM NEW YORK—As the nation moves into the peak summer months of July and August, the signs that optical retail and eyecare are edging closer to pre-pandemic service and performance levels continue to emerge. For example, in Wave 24 of the Jobson Research ECP Coronavirus Survey, the key metrics of patients per day, profitability per patient and revenue came within a smidgen of matching June 2019 performance levels. (The June 2021 results for these metrics compared with June 2019 were, respectively, down 3 percent, down 1 percent and down 2 percent, according to respondents.)

Staffing Is a Challenge for Many ECPs Right Now as Business Builds Back; New CDC Mask Confusion Is Creating Tension, Per Jobson's New Coronavirus Survey

By Staff
Wednesday, June 2, 2021 12:30 AM NEW YORK—The character of current business among ECPs and optical retailers is running significantly higher in May 2021  in terms of  profitability per patient (+29 percent), number of patients per day (+34 percent), revenue (+34 percent), optical sales (+35 percent) and capture rate (+23 percent) versus the May 2020 shutdowns and closings in the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, each of these practice business benchmarks are again, in the latest Wave 23 of the Jobson Research ECP Coronavirus Survey, which was conducted May 26 to May 28, starting to even up to flat in comparison with the same period of 2019.

Some Positive Trends, but Many Eyecare Practices Still Lag April 2019 Performance Metrics, Jobson Research Survey Finds

By Staff
Thursday, May 6, 2021 12:33 AM NEW YORK—Even as the number of COVID-19 cases across the U.S. decline and the number of Americans who have completed the vaccination regimen rises, the eyecare segment continues to see challenges along the pathway toward a full recovery to pre-pandemic levels, according to the findings of Wave 22 of the Coronavirus ECP Survey conducted April 26-30, 2021, by Jobson Research. Notably, 75 percent of the respondents to Wave 22 said they believe their practice currently has capacity to see more patients, with the average respondent indicating the practice could see 26 percent more patients.

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Many Eyecare Practices Still Operating Below March 2019 Level, Wave 21 of Jobson Research Survey Finds

By Staff
Monday, April 5, 2021 12:30 AM NEW YORK—After an almost complete shutdown of eyecare practices across the nation in the latter part of March 2020, it’s not unexpected that practices overall performed much better across many of the key office metrics in March 2021. However, in a few key areas—such as patients per day and profitably per patient—March 2021 performance trailed the results of March 2019, the most recent time that ECPs were not dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jobson 20th Wave ECP Coronavirus Survey

By Staff
Tuesday, March 9, 2021 12:21 AM NEW YORK—Revenues held steady, at approximately 74 percent of levels experienced last year for the week of Feb. 25-28 for ECPs responding to the 20th Wave of Jobson's ECP Coronavirus Survey. The soon-to-grow availability of vaccines against COVID-19 in most parts of the country are improving ECPs attitudes about a stronger business climate, the survey also revealed, as 68 percent said the availability of vaccines was "very important" to a full business recovery.

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Lower Weekly Revenue Remains a Constant for Most ECPs, Wave 19 of Jobson's Coronavirus Survey Finds

By Staff
Tuesday, February 2, 2021 12:30 AM NEW YORK—With the number of COVID-19 cases continuing to rise even as the U.S. scrambles to increase the pace of vaccinating eligible Americans, the day-to-day routine of eyecare practices and optical retailers across the nation has become a hodgepodge of procedures. Some practices (28 percent) are reporting higher capture rates than a year ago, while others (29 percent) say capture rate is down.

With COVID-19 Surge, Optical ECPs Assess Impact on Staff, Year-End 2020 Sales and Importance of the Vaccine, per 18th Jobson ECP Coronavirus Survey

By Staff
Thursday, January 7, 2021 12:30 AM NEW YORK—ECPs corroborated the national statistics showing a sharp uptick in the incidence of COVID-19 cases in their communities across the country, noting the impact of the pandemic on their own staffing situations, as more of those associates have been personally affected, examined their end-of year sales and underscored their belief that the availability of vaccines will be key to a recovery. Their views were shared in the 18th Wave of the Coronavirus ECP Survey conducted Dec. 21-31, 2020, by Jobson Research, which has been surveying ECP and optical retailers since the crisis and shutdowns happened in mid-March.

Upswing in COVID Cases Leads to Greater Concerns Among Independents

By Staff
Thursday, December 3, 2020 12:27 AM NEW YORK—In close to nine months since the advent of the COVID-19 virus to certain parts of the country in mid-March, now much more widely spread throughout the U.S., ECPs have learned to cope with the impacts of the pandemic on their patients, their staff, their exam room and dispensary operations in different ways. In general, with upswings in the number of cases in most states in late October/November, priorities toward cleaning and sanitation have taken hold and as many as 88 percent of respondents to the Nov. 24-30 Jobson Coronavirus ECP Survey say they believe hygiene protocols will continue post-COVID.