Cristall Opticians Caters to Customers Through a Personal Touch

TORONTO, Ontario—Sister duo Gina Dressler-Kay and Alison Dressler-Adler, co-owners of Cristall Opticians, an independent boutique located here, hosted their first trunk show 30 years ago and are still going strong. With over 60 years of experience in the optical industry between the both of them, Gina and Alison understand the importance of not only providing top quality optics to their customers, but also a personalized experience for their clientele.

“Our first trunk show was 30 years ago and we will continue to develop creative ideas in marketing, fashion, art and optics through hosting events for many years to come,” said Gina. “The events often get very lively and turn into a party. We have the best time with long- standing clients and we also enjoy bringing in fresh faces.”

On Oct. 19, they hosted a Makeover Madness trunk show event for customers featuring collections from Paul Storace of Alternative and Plan B Eyewear. “We like to support local companies and Paul Storace of Alternative Eyes and Plan B Eyewear is proudly Canadian. He has an extensive line which is very sellable as well as some specialty products like large sizes for men and petites. We have always been a privately owned independent boutique and love promoting independent eyewear brands that are not mainstream,” Gina said.

Throughout the day, Gina and Alison had about 10 scheduled appointments plus walk-ins, and beyond the makeovers, they hosted more than 50 people that day.

“Fittings are personal, intimate and full of fun,” said Gina. “We are known for our personal consultations which involve complete honesty and trust as well as complicated fittings and unique products.”

Makeovers and eyewear often go hand in hand since getting the perfect pair of eyewear can be a transformative experience. During the event, their sales rep Kent provided the makeup tips which consisted of teaching clients how to apply products to complement their eyewear and features by choosing palettes that enhanced their natural beauty.

“Makeovers are often a subject of conversation with regards to eyewear,” said Gina. “We strongly believe we can completely change someone’s look with a new frame. The compliments, the positive self-esteem and joy people have when wearing a spectacular frame brings them such confidence and we are thrilled to be a part of their journey.”

While these events are very rewarding, there are many details that go into hosting them. Gina and Alison host seasonal events whose dates vary depending on how holidays and big events in the city fall, but they both agree that choosing the perfect date is important.

“If we are targeting a more mature clientele we want to catch them before they head south for the winter months and after they return in the spring—summertime means sunglasses and our sunglasses events bring in a fun crowd,” Gina explained.

After the date and vendors are chosen, they go on to marketing the event and finding eye-catching art work to create an exciting campaign to draw customers in. They also utilize email and personal follow-up phone calls to those they feel would especially benefit from attending the events, post on their social media channels as well as in different local event pages and they also reach out to their business associations and neighbors.

“We don’t force the idea of selling [frames, but promote] taking a look at the latest collections. We make up a gift bag for visitors including micro-cloths, lens cleaner, makeup and skin care samples.”

Along with refreshments and a festive environment they display frames similar to a booth at a trade show, laying them out so that they are accessible and easy for customers to try on.

“We have a very close relationship with our clients who often come by just for a chat or coffee. Hosting events like Makeover Madness and trunk shows are one way to thank our clients for their loyalty, referrals and dedication to us,” Gina concluded.