American Eyewear Brands Give Back to Animals

They are more than just a bunch of animal lovers. The featured companies in the latest installation of our series go above and beyond your typical over-zealous pet owner. They are contributing to the #SocialPurpose movement by building American eyewear brands that have ingrained the responsibility of giving back to animal-centric organizations into their corporate values.

This pit looks adora-bull in Paws N Claws glasses.
Paws-itively Claw-some
“We wanted to support a cause that’s close to our hearts and makes it easy for pet lovers everywhere to easily join in the fight to prevent cruelty to animals,” said Samuel R. Shapiro, founder and CEO of Paws N Claws Eyewear ( The goal of Paws N Claws is to raise awareness and funds for animal charities across the nation.

For every Paws N Claws frame or sunglass sold to doctor’s offices and optical stores, Eye Deals Eyewear, Paws N Claws parent company, will donate up to 3 percent of a Paws N Claws purchase to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( (ASPCA). Paws N Claws was very proud of their first donation in 2011 of $500, but in four short years, they have recently presented ASPCA with a check in the amount of $11,324.14 in collaboration with California Accessories ( and Windsor Eyes (

“Presenting the ASPCA with a check of this size gives us great pride,” said Shapiro. “We take great pleasure in the fact that we have been so fortunate in growth to this point to be able to do so. We continue to grow across the U.S., which is amazing.”

VP of Paws N Claws Phyllis Shapiro and founder
Samuel Shapiro present a check for over $11,000
to the ASPCA.
Fueled by their passion for animals, Paws N Claws has also launched the Support 4 Paws Pet Food Drive Campaign in 2011. According to Paws N Claws, the campaign shed light on important issues including the rise of pet negligence and abandonment, the decline of donations to pet food banks, and the increasing need for pet foster homes and adoptive families. Although the Pet Food Drive has ended, this labor of love helped many animals in need through consumer generosity.

Samuel Shapiro, and his wife, Phyllis, are avid animal supporters who work with local groups such as Steel City Greyhounds, Animal Rescue League and Pet Match adoption service. “They work hard to provide opportunities for individuals, retailers and local groups to get involved and support the cause as well.

Eye Deals Eyewear has been designing high quality eyewear for 29 years. All of the Paws N Claws frame and sunglass designs are embellished with paw prints or bones in a fashionable and subtle way, so the customer can show their love of animals and support them too.

Fetch Eyewear believes buying things you need should
support the things you love.
Not So Far-Fetched
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree— Amy Sacks, founder of Fetch Eyewear (, comes from a family of animal lovers and active philanthropists. Therefore it’s fitting that her eyewear company raises money for animal welfare. Fetch Eyewear is a small company with a big vision that believes buying things you need should support the things you love, the company said.

The word “fetch” now has two connotations when it comes to pets; one is the energetic dog trick and the other is a successful eyewear brand that supports animal rescue and adoption by donating 100 percent of its profits to the Pixie Project ( The Pixie Project is a non-profit animal adoption and rescue center that offers pet adoption services, pet owner education and support, and low cost or free veterinary services, including the spaying and neutering of animals.

In other efforts, Fetch Eyewear and Jolly Pets ( teamed up with Project Blue Collar ( (PBC), a movement to change the perception of the rescue dog through identifiable dog collars, for their #Pittie20/20 campaign, a 5-year social media photo campaign of pit bulls wearing glasses. According to the company, using the term “20/20,” the universally understood term for perfect vision, PBC wants to “clear the vision” and change the way people see pit bulls. In addition to changing perceptions, 20 percent of sales from the Pittie 20/20 ( store are donated to a pit bull rescue group of choice.

“We want to encourage people to show pit bulls in happy, goofy ways because we feel that humor and levity can open people up to learning more about this often-misunderstood breed,” said Carole Feeny and Kristin Waters, co-founders of Project Blue Collar.

Founders of Flutter, Patti Lee-Hoffmann (l) and Gayle Haworth with their furry friends Kenny and Diego.
Flutter On
Flutter Eyewear ( is an online brand that offers an elegant collection of reading glasses and sunglasses for every woman’s personality. Founders of Flutter, Patti Lee-Hoffmann and Gayle Haworth believe a balanced life includes taking time to give back to their community.

As a result, with many four-legged friends and a passion for helping others, Haworth and Lee-Hoffmann have partnered with Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships. In support, Flutter donates fifty cents of every pair of glasses sold, up to $50,000 dollars to CCI.

According to Flutter, service dogs give their companions confidence and independence, so they can be their best selves and reach their full potential.