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NEW YORK—Learning is undergoing a transformation. To help professionals in all sectors of the eyecare field and eyewear market, VM is taking note of a new attitude toward training and education propelling programs, ideas and formats. The demands of the competitive and professional business climate, attitude and service expectations of patients and consumers, new technologies in products, care and interaction are all part of this trend. Factor in the impacts of COVID and each of these things are compelling and enable companies and groups to create new platforms to educate and engage their customers.

Perhaps one of the most significant changes involves hybrid learning, a combination of in-person and online education. Although COVID has influenced the learning environment—as it has with almost everything—some companies were developing hybrid education before the pandemic accelerated and intensified this trend.

Underneath it all is a new approach to explaining, teaching and sharing, involving the technical, the clinical and the commercial, combined with the use of images and video resulting in a new immersion in learning.

“Among ECPs, our mission is to contribute to drive practice and professional development through content on key products and brands, latest technologies and innovations, practice management, as well as clinical and scientific evidence-based knowledge,” said Alessandra Senici, head of Leonardo at EssilorLuxottica. “By listening to our customers and hearing where they need more support, we create new learning tracks that can specifically address those needs for long-term business success.”

Kristy Stone, director of member education at PECAA, remarked, “What’s great about our industry is there is always something to learn. We are listening to our members and will continue providing educational resources based on what they’re asking for. We are also enhancing and modifying our education platform to be a reliable and accessible resource where members can easily find education on topics they are seeking.”

What has the industry learned about learning? A lot. Read on to see how a selection of manufacturers, business services providers, doctor alliances and others are among those who have developed new formats to deliver education to their customers in a meaningful way when, where and how they want it.

Editor’s Note: Meredith Marmurek is a freelance writer whose clients include the OneSight EssilorLuxottica Foundation.