When it comes to education, CooperVision likes to stay abreast of their customers’ needs and preferences. “We’ve carefully monitored ECP preferences on how they’d like to receive educational content and what topics they’re interested in learning more about. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen these preferences evolve,” stated Jenn Palombi, OD, FAAO, senior manager of professional education and development at CooperVision.

“While some ECPs were anxious to get back together in person, others discovered a preference for virtual learning,” she said. These findings led the company to launch the ECP Viewpoints Online Success Center, a one-stop digital education platform, available at www.onlinesuccesscenter.com.

CooperVision already had their ECP Viewpoints blog that features peer-driven conversations about contact lens care. The ECP Viewpoints Online Success Center complements the blog and expands the company’s on-demand digital offerings to make contact lens information and training resources widely available and easily accessible.

Content is designed for everyone in the practice and is aimed at helping ODs be more successful in all aspects of their business. The site also offers relevant content for optometry students and health care professionals.

“One of the defining traits of ECPs is an ongoing thirst for knowledge and information. Even though we knew this, the response to the platform has exceeded our expectations,” Palombi added. “We launched the site in late April this year and within the first 90 days, we saw thousands of users engaging with the coursework. These numbers continue to grow both in terms of new users signing up every day and existing users returning to do more on the site.”

As with other optical industry companies, CooperVision has seen an increase in the desire for more staff training resources. “Fortunately, we recognized that need early on and already had a ‘Technicians and Staff’ category on our existing ECP Viewpoints blog. When we built the Online Success Center, we knew we wanted to offer meaningful resources not only to doctors, but also to the staff members who are such a critical part of every practice’s success.”

In addition to staff training, the most popular category in the Online Success Center thus far is myopia management. ECPs can enroll in CooperVision’s MiSight 1 day certification coursework and complete their certification online. Once certified, they can access additional resources and information to support them in establishing and growing their myopia management practices.

Moving forward, CooperVision will continue to add relevant coursework aimed at meeting the educational needs of an entire practice. As Palombi observed, “The real value in the Online Success Center is the diversity of coursework available there, from toric technologies to sustainability in eyecare to the science of contact lenses and everything in between.”