Zeiss Vision Care US prides itself on having a wide variety of educational resources for ECPs covering topics such as product knowledge, medical technology and sports optics. Recently, though, customers have been asking for training on a new subject. “There are more requests now for applications that enable ECPs to manage their business holistically,” said Matt Woelbern, head of marketing, U.S. go-to-market, Zeiss Vision Care U.S. “In response, we created training about how to use Visustore, our online ordering portal. Visustore is designed to teach opticians about optics as well as ordering. It can help users save time, increase efficiency, and get live order status and delivery date information.”

The company also provides education through Zeiss Academy, an online learning site. “There is a wide selection of training options available through the Zeiss Academy that are specially designed for our customers to help them grow their business,” Woelbern explained.

“We offer a range of user training sessions, e-learning modules, sponsored continuing education articles and webinars, free marketing materials and social media posts with tips, an ECP education-focused blog and more.” New product education is also available and is revised as needed. For example, Zeiss recently released updated information about photochromics as part of the launch of their new PhotoFusion X lenses.

Currently, Zeiss Academy is being updated to better serve customers’ needs. “There are enhancements underway to improve the Academy, including the development of a global initiative to raise the knowledge of our customers through a digital community.”

Zeiss is also bringing back in-person training. The company’s regional education team holds events for customers providing basic training through expert knowledge. These hands-on sessions cover a variety of subjects such as specialist optical topics and Zeiss-specific content.

For the future, the company is overhauling its digital learning platforms and customers will see those changes next year. More education also will be available around Zeiss’s new products.

“For Zeiss, the advancement of scientific knowledge, social responsibility and business success have been inextricably linked for over a century. These principles guide us in the ways we support our customers to achieve their ambitions and provide the best eyecare for better lives of their patients,” Woelbern said.