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NEW YORK—Results of the 12th Wave Jobson ECP Coronavirus Survey (conducted June 19-23) are in and some 95 percent of ECPs across the U.S. have reopened and reflect an uptick in topline business, seeing more patients and generating more sales than in prior surveys. The majority report they are seeing on average of18.4 patients per day—lower than pre-pandemic levels which for them averaged 24.3 per day. Nevertheless, these ECPs say they are generating some 67 percent of the weekly revenues they'd have seen prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, a jump from the 62 percent of pre-pandemic revenues among those ECPs who reported their sales in the June 5-9 11th Wave.

These ECPs report that 59 percent of patients are making a purchase; for 52 percent of these ECPS, that is about the level they saw pre-pandemic, but another 24 percent indicate that this is "more" than pre-shutdown. Further, 21 percent in the 12th Wave June 19-23 period say their profitability per patient is "more than usual," compared to the 15 percent who said that in the prior survey from June 5-9.

That positive news is slightly offset by concerns among those ECPs responding to the June 19-23 survey who are experiencing higher COVID-19 case numbers in their areas, however. In a period during which general news reports, the CDC and other state health care authorities reported large numbers of case spikes in many states across the U.S., particular in the South and the West, ECPs were asked about this for the first time in the Jobson 12th Wave survey.

Forty-eight percent of respondents said they'd seen an increase in COVID-19 cases in the past week or so, while 21 percent saw the same incidence in their areas and 27 percent said there was a decrease. Concurrently, there is a sense of unease about this aspect of the situation. Some 48 percent of ECPs are "somewhat concerned" about the possibiity of having to close again while 35 percent are "very concerned" about that happening. Even so, the majority, 82 percent of ECP respondents said they would close again "only if mandated by the government."

Among the other conclusions that can be drawn from the Jobson 12th Wave survey, telehealth interest and involvement remains strong. Of the 45 percent of the respondents in the June 19-23 period who say they have started to offer telehealth options, 66 percent say they intend to integrate telehealth into their practice on a regular basis.

PPE costs are becoming more of a concern, per the 12th wave survey. Twenty five percent of respondents say they have "easily" obtained PPE needed for themselves and their staff, but another 70 percent said that they did obtain their PPE but "not easily."

Respondents to Jobson' Research's 12th Wave of the ECP Coronavirus Survey are primarily optometrists and opticians.

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