Opternative Launches Mobile-Only Device Prescription Technology


CHICAGO—Opternative is launching a voice-activated version of its online vision test. Users can now renew their prescription online using only a mobile device, even if their prescription has changed. The technology uses voice recognition software from Google, IBM Watson, and Microsoft to enable what Opternative described as “an accurate, easy, and secure voice-guided vision test.” The company said the test “understands a patient’s voice commands and efficiently moves them through the less than 15-minute online vision test, allowing a seamless conversation to occur.”

Ayo Jimoh, CTO of Opternative, remarked, “To build upon our vision of making eyecare available to anyone, anywhere, anytime, we built the first web-based, conversational test that can be taken solely on a mobile browser. The technology helps elevate and increase access to vision care for patients across the globe.”

The mobile-only device test complements Opternative’s existing dual device solution using a computer and a smartphone.