Product: Eyefinity and VSP Vision announced an integration with ABB Analyze to deliver even more data-driven insights for optometric practices. ABB Analyze is software from ABB Optical Group, a leading distributor of optical products in the U.S.
Top Line: According to Eyefinity, the new integration allows Eyefinity Practice Management to share information safely and securely with ABB Analyze, which then transforms the data into more meaningful metrics and key performance indicators for practices—like revenue per patient, daily lenses sold, staff performance and more.
Close Up: “We understand the power and accuracy of data is paramount in running a practice in today's environment. We are proud to have this integration with Eyefinity which will provide a new level of tools to help ECPs make informed business decisions,” said Casey Hedberg, senior director of ABB Analyze. “We truly believe that the only way to measure success is based on the success of our customers.” Added Carlie Biegel, chief operating officer of Eyefinity, “We are excited to bring this powerful integration between Eyefinity and ABB Analyze to the eyecare industry. Our goal has always been to streamline workflows and provide eyecare professionals with capabilities they need to succeed in today’s data-driven world. By seamlessly combining our practice management solution with ABB Analyze, we are empowering eyecare providers to gain a deeper understanding of their practice and enhance operational efficiency.”
Vital Statistics: The integration was implemented on August 1.