Product: Findy
Top Line: This week at CES 2021 Foxsmart is debuting Findy, a small, lightweight Bluetooth eyeglass finder. The Zurich, Switzerland-based company touts the device, which has a long range and loud alert, as being “great for dementia and Alzheimers patients, families and caregivers.”
Close Up: Foxsmart’s Findy eyeglass finder uses the same technology found in Bluetooth earbuds and is the smallest (28mm x 5mm) and lightest eyeglass finder on the market. Users can find their glasses on the Findy app screen or via a loud buzzing noise.
Key features:
• Easily traceable: longest range on the market (up to 100 feet) through Bluetooth 5.1 standard
• Always audible: Loudest buzzer alarm among Bluetooth trackers (80db)
• Best usability: Extremely easy-to-use smartphone app with only one active screen and large icons that can be seen without glasses
• Track worldwide: Last known location function shows you the location of your glasses on Google Maps when left outside the Bluetooth range
• Value: One tracker to find them all: Each Findy by Foxsmart packaging contains a free adaptor to fit the Findy locator to any other item you want to track (keys, bags, etc)
• Discreet design: Available in black or transparent to perfectly disappear on the inner side of a frame or on the temple tip.
Click here to watch a video about Findy.
Vital Stats: Although Foxsmart sells direct to consumers, the company is seeking optical distributors. It will support them with in-store merchandising and displays and offer volume discounts. Reseller prices start at $19.95/unit plus shipping. A minimum order quantity of 12 units is required.