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WHO: For busy, on-the-go eyewear lovers who love to be trendy, eye-catching and practical.

WHAT: No longer just associated with librarians and grandparents, eyewear with chains—attached or removable—is stepping forward as a trend both practical and fashionable.

WEAR: (Counterclockwise from top right): From Hilco Vision, Croakies’ Fashion collection shows off the trend in a subtle, sophisticated way with this tiered, draped chain. Coti Vision’s chunky, statement-making chains, paired here with Safarro frames, are a bold, exciting take on the trend that creates an intentional, eye-catching look. From Safilo, Jimmy Choo Shine/S (which won this year’s Accessories Council Design Excellence Awards for fashion sunglasses) is a detailed, elegant design with stones and gems that elevate the chain from something simply practical to a work of art. Finally, from Marcolin, Guess’ GU2783 offers a different take on the chain—one that is purely decorative and equally as stunning, with a layered, shimmering look that brings motion and elegance to a beloved eyewear shape.

WHY: Eyewear retainers are practical—but with the rise of mask chains in the high-fashion space, they’re becoming trendy, too. A perfect eyewear retainer turns a frame into a piece of precious jewelry, elevating an already stunning pair of frames.