NEW YORK—After redefining style and elegance since 2007, Barton Perreira has introduced its newest brand of optical and sun styles called Allied Metal Works. Created by veterans of design, fashion and function over the course of four years, the collection will truly stand as the first “technical luxury” brand in eyewear, the company said.

The collection appeals to a fashion audience with an appetite and appreciation for technical design. The first collection from Allied Metal Works will consist of 20 stainless steel frame styles with the distinguishing screwless hinge and handmade zyl detailing.

With a shared passion and vision for innovative technology, CEO Bill Barton partners with technical design advisor, Gunnar Gunnarsson after he introduced his concept of a screwless eye frame to Barton.

Gunnarsson said, “The collection combines the worlds of fashion and technology. For us this a true step into the future.”

Gunnarsson’s revolutionary hinge holds the frame together with a durable stainless steel spring. In combination with creative visionary and designer Patty Perreira’s forward thinking and signature attention to design, the two worlds of technical innovation and luxury collide to create the perfect blend of style and efficiency.

“With Allied Metal Works, it was my focus to create frames that were both useful and beautiful,” said Patty Perreira. “It was important for me not to compromise design for function and vice versa.”

Dispenser Price Guide: $$$$$