PASSAIC, N.J.—EyeCarePro has released a real-time appointment scheduler, making it more convenient for patients to book and providing significant time-saving for front-end staff. This scheduler syncs with a large number of popular PMS/EHR systems, with more to follow, the company said.

Additionally, the scheduler accurately tracks patient appointments and distinguishes between new and returning patients for improved performance metrics and analysis. The real-time scheduler is the latest app to be released as part of GetSetPro, EyeCarePro’s SaaS platform for easy and powerful website updates and practice marketing.

“We’ve known for a while now,” said Daniel Rostenne, CEO of EyeCarePro, "that real-time scheduling converts patient appointments at nearly double the rate—it’s just so much more convenient. And while there are lots of scheduling programs out there, the real challenge has been getting them to connect with proprietary PMS systems while simultaneously providing appropriate appointment generation data back.

“After years of frustration, we decided we could improve on existing systems and make our own real-time appointment scheduler, one which syncs with as many PMS systems as possible while maintaining the level of data tracking required to grow a practice,” Rostenne said.

Currently, the new real-time scheduler syncs with the following PMS/EHR systems:

● Eyefinity Cloud
● OfficeMate
● RevolutionEHR
● Compulink
● Uprise/VisionWeb
● Crystal PMS
● OD Office Pro
● Acuity
● AcuityLogic
● FoxFire
● MaximEyes
● My Vision Express
● NextGen
● ODLink

This real-time scheduler is available to any practice on a subscription basis, regardless of whether or not the subscriber is a client of EyeCarePro.

More details about the new GetSetPro scheduler can be found here.