WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Contact Lens Institute (CLI) has published a practice guide to help eyecare practitioners turn new research insights into actions that enhance clinical and business success in a post-pandemic society. The guide provides an in-depth look at CLI-commissioned data and eyecare's elevated role in a changed society. Available for free as a downloadable PDF, the report shares recommendations to connect with patients and better meet their expectations, and why good vision—including contact lens wear—plays a central role in a bright future. Highlighted are new opportunities for presbyopes and combined contact lens and glasses wear. It is the latest peer-to-peer education tool available at SeeTomorrowNow.com.

CLI commissioned two studies during late June and early July to explore evolving beliefs and expectations of U.S. adults regarding their health and health care providers, spending habits, trusted information sources, recreational plans, and optimism as the world looks ahead.
“As we’ve learned how patients have changed during the past 18 months, understanding these learnings may help open doors for the entire eyecare community to have new conversations about personal experiences, lifestyle changes and expectations for the future,” said Stan Rogaski, Contact Lens Institute executive director. “The See Tomorrow initiative encourages the eyecare community and consumers alike to think about how vision and contact lenses may play sizable roles in fulfilling their hopes for the future.”
On July 22, CLI hosted a live streamed webinar with human behavior expert Colette Carson to share the research results with the eyecare community. Carlson remarked on the significance of the data, interpreting how eyecare professionals could use the research to improve patient care while growing their businesses. The recorded event can also be accessed from SeeTomorrowNow.com.
Later this month, the Contact Lens Institute will embark on a six-week consumer phase for the See Tomorrow program, including digital marketing, outreach to national and regional mainstream media, and a sweepstakes with daily and grand prizes.

Vision Monday's VMAIL and CLICK e-newsletters have reported on the full scope of the See Tomorrow initiative, which includes a range of resources for ECPs to communicate to patients, learn about their post-pandemic mindset. Forty eyecare professionals have been named ambassadors for the initiative, details of which are also found here.
CLI undertakes activities that properly assess, enhance, promote, and balance contact lens and lens care industry welfare and growth, including the safe use of products in the marketplace. Its members include Alcon, Bausch + Lomb, CooperVision, and Johnson & Johnson Vision. For more information, visit ContactLensInstitute.org.