PORTLAND, Ore.—Sightbox, a concierge contact lens membership service offering a yearly eye exam, contact lens fitting, and the annual supply of contact lenses for monthly payments throughout the year, has launched a new website with shareable resources specifically for optometrists and eyecare professionals as part of its efforts to keep doctors at the center of patient care.

Doctor.Sightbox.com demonstrates how Sightbox keeps doctors at the center of care by offering unbranded educational content that eyecare professionals can share with their patients—allowing them more time to focus on patients in the exam room, the company said.

The doctor resources are reviewed and vetted by optometrists. Dr. Bradley Smith, OD, Tigard Vision Center in Portland, Ore., helped review the most recent resources on the website.

“Finding or creating resources for patients can be difficult when you’re taking care of the administrative work that comes with owning a private practice,” said Dr. Smith. “The doctor resources from Sightbox help us extend patient care outside of the exam room with easy-to-use and unbranded resources for communicating with patients.”

Content on the website includes:
  • Educational Resources: For doctors who already educate their patients in the exam room but do not have enough time to create supplemental materials that patients can use outside the exam room—Sightbox’s doctor resources website provides doctor-reviewed materials for eyecare professionals to share with patients.

  • Blog: Many doctors have many topical interests but need an outlet to share their viewpoints or learn about others—the Sightbox doctor blog includes topics that mean the most to optometrists. Topics will continue to evolve as doctors contribute their insights to the blog.

  • FAQs: This section serves as an outlet to answer all of the important questions we hear daily, like: How can Sightbox benefit my practice? or How does Sightbox choose practices when scheduling members?

  • Informational Video: Produced in an easily digestible format, the informational video helps explain how Sightbox supports the work of optometrists and helps put—and keep—patients in their chairs.

“At Sightbox, we want to make sure doctors can spend their time caring for patients in the exam room,” said Travis Rush, CEO, Sightbox. “Sightbox will continue to provide resources, content and blog posts authored or reviewed by doctors so they feel comfortable knowing that their patients are getting information about eye health from a doctor, both in and out of the exam room.”

Sightbox schedules patient appointments with an optometrist and pays the full private/cash-pay fee for the exam and contact lens fitting the day of the appointment. A Sightbox membership includes a comprehensive eye exam, a contact lens fitting, concierge service, and 12-month supply of contact lenses. Sightbox supports all types of soft contact lenses, including lenses for astigmatism, presbyopia (multifocal) and beauty.