PLEASANTON, Calif.—Specifically created for digital device users, CooperVision, Inc. has introduced Biofinity Energys contact lenses with Digital Zone Optics.

The patent-pending contact lenses are designed for all-day wear, helping users shift focus between digital devices and offline activities seamlessly and continuously. According to the company, after one week of wear, eight out of ten digital device users agreed that Biofinity Energys lenses made their eyes feel less tired.

Digital Zone Optics’ lens design integrates multiple front-surface aspheric curves across the entire optical zone. These curves distribute power evenly, simulating more positive power in the center of the lens helping ease accommodative burden without impacting distance vision as wearers move from on-screen to off-screen, the company said. Furthermore, Biofinity Energys lenses are made with Aquaform Technology for natural moisture and breathability to help dryness symptoms associated with digital device use. These long silicone chains and compatible hydrogen bonds lock water within the lens for a smooth, naturally wettable surface.

“As a contact lens specifically designed for millions of digital device users, Biofinity Energys paves the way for meeting their demanding needs in a whole new manner,” said Gary Orsborn, OD, CooperVision’s VP of global professional and clinical affairs. “Our research and development team broke new ground, discovering a way to address both optical and comfort aspects in a contact lens created to be worn throughout the day.”