Phil Windyk

 Phil Windyk

Ogi Eyewear's Phil Windyk, director of marketing, reports that Ogi tailors trunk show marketing to its customers and ensures product is available immediately.

“Ogi Eyewear participates in at least 100 trunk shows a year and I am present at about five to 10 of those. Every year we notice that a greater number of people are attracted to trunk shows—I think because of the uniqueness of the brand and its devotion to customers. As a result, we have seen a large increase in interest in our lines so far this year and Ogi has risen to the top of the preferred vendor list. We have also been asked to participate in a number of much larger, higher-profile trunk shows.

“For the majority of the trunk shows that we participate in, we assist our accounts to create custom marketing pieces used solely for their event that complements the aesthetic of the store. As a customer service centered company, it’s really important for us to facilitate as much as possible before the event. We work with the account so that we can offer the right type of material to accomplish their goals. The goal in our on-site presentation is to create a boutique store inside of a boutique store.

Windyk continued, “Our time and graphic design resources are offered at no cost to the account. We feel that this is a terrific asset to the account because it allows them to have cohesive material that requires very little time on their behalf. However, we do not create planning guides because we feel that every account is different and can benefit from a customized solution.

“Our sales representative for a particular area typically runs the trunk show and they pay close attention to our shipping schedule so that they can show product that is ready to ship immediately after the show. The representative is responsible for educating the consumers about the brand and tailoring the collection on display to reflect the diversity of the line. We are privileged to have our designer David Spencer on hand at some of the high profile events to answer questions and talk about his design philosophy.”

Ogi Eyewear was at Graf Optical’s “The Spectacle of Fashion”
rooftop trunk show, held in Minneapolis this past summer.

Also in Minneapolis, Ogi partnered with Moss Optical for
“SCENEaSOTA” - a runway and trunk show collaboration.

Delia Paunescu, Assistant Editor