Robert Marc, creative design director, attributes the unique vision of his designs for his company’s increase in trunk shows.

“We are having more trunk shows than ever and with more success! Our dealers are becoming increasingly retail-savvy and are distinguishing themselves in a world of consolidation and sameness. Our dealers, just like our brand, are unique in the industry for being different and carrying products that are truly special and they are attracting clientele that responds to that philosophy and lifestyle.

Earlier this year, Robert Marc made a personal appearance at
Globe Specs, one of the brand’s accounts in Tokyo, Japan.

“The trunk shows originate from the relationship between the brand, the representative and the dealer. Since we have a loyal brand following for our collection around the world, our dealers are aware that there are many Robert Marc customers who are always interested to see the new collection and wish to see it in a cohesive environment.

“All of our representatives around the world, in their respective territories, do trunk shows on a regular basis. That generally equates to a few a month.

“The representative helps organize the show and works with the account on a strategy to make the trunk show a success. We provide mailing materials, advertising images and in-store presentation materials. We also assist with the planning and the outreach that is done in the dealer’s local community.

According to Marc, “There’s a variety of media out there today to promote trunk shows. A lot of co-marketing happens online. For example, we post trunk shows on our Facebook page and website and our dealers do the same. We also help our dealers with their marketing efforts by providing them with mailing materials and advertising images so they can get the word out to their customers and the local community.

“The most important advice we give to our dealers is to call their best customers and those that they have a great relationship with. We’ve found this to be one of the most important tools for a successful trunk show. That personal connection always ensures a greater response and a better trunk show.” 

The window at InVision eyewear boutique
in Minneapolis, Minn. gets set up with
frames, banners and decorations in
preparation of the Robert Marc event.

Robert Marc

Delia Paunescu, Assistant Editor